Finisage: 08.02.2015
6.00 p.m.

C.K. Karolinka, pl. Jana Pawła II 2, Radzionków
9. International eco poster exhibition „Eco poster: Climate change”.

Theme: Climate change


  • I’m changing place of living (Range of plant’s and animals’ species)
  • I’m dying.
  • Weather extermination (weather extremes – unsuccessful crop harvest – desertification).
  • Hotter waves (heating the seas and oceans).
  • I am accumulating what is bad (CO2 sequestration).
  • Ready for climate change?

112 posters from 29 countries:
Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, Equador, France, Spain, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Canada, Kazachstan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, USA, Switzerland, Tajwan, Turkey, Ukraine, England and Italy.